1999 New Jersey Quarter Mint Error Rare

  • New Jersey state quarters struck on the wrong planchet — Find an extra small New Jersey 1999 quarter? It may have been struck on the wrong planchet. Collectors have found rare state quarters struck on metal blanks intended to be made into pennies, nickels, and dimes. The value of a New Jersey state quarter struck on the wrong planchet generally ranges from the hundreds to thousands of dollars apiece.
    • Doubled die New Jersey quarter errors — New Jersey doubled die quarters with minor doubling are common and worth $3 to $20, depending on how clear the doubling is. Pieces with much more drastic doubling are scarce and worth potentially hundreds of dollars.
    • Broadstruck New Jersey state quarter errors — Sometimes coins are struck without the retaining collar that helps form the coin’s rim and edge reeding. When this happens, the coins are normally larger in diameter and thinner than usual. Broadstruck 1999 New Jersey quarters normally sell for $50 to $100, depending on the condition of the coin.
    • Off-center New Jersey quarter errors — Off-center quarter errors are relatively common. Generally, they’re worth $5 to $20. However, off-center errors that are off center by 25% to 50% or greater are quite rare and worth much more! The value of an off-center New Jersey 1999 quarter depends on the degree to which they are off-center and the overall condition of the coin.
    • New Jersey state quarters with die cracks — A 1999 New Jersey state quarter with minor die cracks or die breaks may be worth $3 to $5. Some are worth more if the die cracks are significant and involve a major part of the design — such as Washington’s face or the boat on the reverse (tails side) of the New Jersey state quarter.

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